Bold Color In A Guest Bath

At my house, we like to have lots of company.  My guest bedroom is a space I am proud of and happy to welcome guests to. My guest bathroom, not so much.  Until recently, that is.

Up until now, my decorating plan for the guest bath was to close my eyes and ignore it until I was able to remodel the whole space. The update was already done in my head, but, as my husband says, “We can’t see what’s in your head!” So it was definitely time to do it in the real world…

Here is what it looked like “before:”

You can’t see it in this photo, but the bathtub behind that curtain is actually blue!

On my wish list for the room was a vanity with some storage space. Other must-haves were a new floor and better lighting. And, of course, the blue tub had to go.  But the most important choice I made for the space was the paint color:  Sherwin-Williams “Naval.”  I don’t think the room would have been nearly as successful without it.

Here is an in-progress shot of the room, where you can see some of the old fixtures:

And here are some shots of the final product:



I love my dark walls! The navy makes the white fixtures pop. The artwork with white mats stands out forcefully against the navy. The strong contrasts give the room a crisp and clean look, exactly what you want in a bathroom. Although I am very happy with all the decorating choices I made for the space, it is the paint color that gives this room its dramatic and sophisticated look.

Many people are afraid to take a chance with a dark color, but a guest bath or powder room is the perfect place to do it.  You don’t spend a lot of time there so you won’t get tired of it.  And the spaces are generally small, so it will be easy to paint over it if you don’t like it.

So be bold!  Paint a small room a dark color.  I think you’ll be as pleased as I am with the results!

Happy decorating!



Exciting Finds From High Point Market

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Sometimes I wish I owned about five houses so I could own all the beautiful furniture I see at High Point Market! I would need five houses every time I go, though. While I was there I visited about 40 of the 2000 vendors and took over 600 photos. That’s a lot of great ideas for my clients!

Here are just a few of the beautiful room settings I saw, plus my 15 favorite products from this market trip:



IMG_2810 IMG_3033






Here are my three favorite “personality” chairs. I just love the Greek Key motif on the first one.




Not real, but these blossoms sure looked like they were…


Lovin’ my lucite with this bench, wall art, and tabletop pieces.




My upholstery picks for style and super comfort:



A few rustic pieces and one very elegant chest….





This cute table comes in several sizes.


My number 15 choice is this clever lamp with a light in its base…


And that is just a small sample from my three days at High Point!  I’d love to know which items are your favorites!

Happy decorating!


Instant Bedroom, Lark Style

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What can be done in just one three-day weekend to a one hundred-year-old house in need of some decorating magic? Lots!

My daughter, Sara, and her husband recently purchased an older home in Pittsburgh that needed a lot of work.  For a housewarming gift, myself and three other Lark family members descended on the place to help Sara and Dan transform some of their new space in record time.

One of our focuses was the master bedroom.  Here is the “before” shot:


It’s actually more of a “just started” shot, as you can see we already painted the ceiling and covered the old linoleum floor with one coat of white deck paint. Next we primed the walls and woodwork.


Here, you can see my daughters putting down gray stripes on the floor (more deck paint). I am so excited about how this turned out!

Image 1

Using the lines of the tile squares as a guide for the stripes (no taping necessary!), they worked across the room and painted themselves out the door.  We also gave the walls a  coat of gray paint ( Sherwin Williams “On The Rocks.”)  Now imagine six people in this room, standing on only the white stripes (the gray ones were wet), racing to get the woodwork painted so everything could be dry and we could bring in the furniture.


Simultaneous with painting the bedroom, we were also running down to the basement to update an old dresser and mirror with coats of gray and white semi-gloss paint.


 Ready-made pillows and draperies from West Elm, and a sunburst mirror (one of my favorite accents) completed the transformation of the space!

Image 2

With some serious pre-planning and design, some pre-shopping, and a lot of family man(and woman) power, we completed this project in a crazy three days. It was so much fun, but I wouldn’t want to do it every weekend!

Happy housewarming, Sara and Dan!

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